Microsoft Power Query: Collect, combine, and transform data using Power Query in Excel and Power BI

Gil Raviv, Avanade

Power Query is a game changing data preparation and self-service ETL tool that can transform your organization's data culture and generate unprecedented agility in BI. Join this session with the author of the book, “Collect, Combine, and Transform Data Using Power Query in Excel and Power BI”, and get a sneak peek of the book’s best tips and tricks. Learn how Power Query and its query language M can be a game changer for your organization.

  • Session Type:60-minute Breakout
  • Session Code:BRK3018
  • Product:Power BI
  • Product Category:Power BI
  • Level:Advanced (300)
  • Format:Community Session
  • Job Focus:Business Application Developer, IT Professional / Developer, Line of Business Specialist, Consultant (Technical)
  • Session Tags:Power BI
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