Microsoft Power BI: Using Power BI as an end user on the web and mobile - tips and tricks

Nikhil Gaekwad, Microsoft, Soumya Vijay, Microsoft, EYAL CARMEL, Maya Shenhav, Microsoft

Whether you’re an end user yourself or someone responsible for training end users, come learn about how Power BI enables users across your organization to get more value from their reports and data on the web and mobile devices. We cover key end user features like subscriptions, export, alerts, annotations, commenting, home, and more, with tips to make you more productive and data savvy.

  • Session Type:60-minute Breakout
  • Session Code:BRK2037
  • Level:Intermediate (200)
  • Product:Power BI
  • Product Category:Power BI
  • Format:Subject Matter Expert Led Session
  • Job Focus:Analyst, Business Application Developer, Business Analyst, First Line Workers, Business Process Owners, Consultant (Functional)
  • Solutions:Analytics
  • Session Tags:Power BI
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