Microsoft Power BI: Democratizing self-service data prep with dataflows

Miguel Llopis, Microsoft, Ben Sack, Microsoft

Preparing and defining ETL for insights is a significant challenge for businesses today — ingestion, cleansing, transformation, and enrichment are labor-intensive and time-consuming tasks which require deep technical skills. Microsoft has recently introduced advanced data prep with dataflows for the Power Platform, a suite of self-service low-code/no-code features and capabilities for business analysts and citizen developers to easily process and unify their data and store it in Azure-based data-lake storage. With these new capabilities, Microsoft offers a solution for any business need — whether you want to prep your data with ease, using a familiar built-in Power Query experience, or leverage the full Azure stack for more advanced use-cases. Join this session to learn everything you need to know about dataflows and how to easily prep your data, leverage Microsoft’s standardized schema (CDM), improve time-to-value, eliminate data silos, and create one source of truth for your organizational insights.

  • Session Type:60-minute Breakout
  • Session Code:BRK3051
  • Solutions:Data Cleaning
  • Job Focus:Architect (Technical), IT Professional / Developer, Consultant (Technical), Solution Architect
  • Session Tags:Azure-Analytics-Data Catalog, Azure-Analytics-Data Lake Analytics, Power BI
  • Format:Subject Matter Expert Led Session
  • Product Category:Power BI
  • Level:Advanced (300)
  • Product:Azure, Power BI
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