Microsoft Power BI: BI power hour

Adam Saxton, Microsoft, Matthew Roche, Microsoft, Amanda Cofsky, Microsoft, Justyna Lucznik, Philip Seamark, Microsoft, CHRISTOPHER FINLAN, Microsoft, Will Thompson

If you have not seen it, you would hardly believe it. The ever-popular BI Power Hour is difficult to summarize. Wacky, frequently unseemly, and generally funny demos, all with a serious point about the flexibility and power of Microsoft BI. Almost endless swag. There’s nothing quite like it – don’t miss it! Unintentional learning may occur!

  • Session Type:60-minute Breakout
  • Session Code:BRK1000
  • Format:Subject Matter Expert Led Session
  • Product:Power BI
  • Level:Foundational (100)
  • Session Tags:Power BI
  • Product Category:Power BI
  • Job Focus:Analyst, Business Application Developer, Business Analyst, Line of Business Specialist, Financial Analyst, SMB Developer
  • Solutions:Analytics
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