Microsoft Power BI, Flow, and PowerApps: Working with data in the Power Platform

Mahesh Prakriya, Microsoft, Sameer Chabungbam, Microsoft

Data is critical for the success of every organization. The Microsoft Power Platform (Power BI, PowerApps and Flow) provides a suite of tools to measure, act and automate processes around data. This foundational session gives you a 360-degree view for how to connect to data from any data source, shape, and size and get it ready to be used within all the Power Platform tools and experiences.

  • Session Type:60-minute Breakout
  • Session Code:BRK1006
  • Level:Foundational (100)
  • Product:Power BI
  • Product Category:Power BI
  • Format:Subject Matter Expert Led Session
  • Job Focus:Business Application Developer, IT Professional / Developer, Consultant (Technical), Solution Implementer
  • Solutions:Analytics
  • Session Tags:Power BI
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