AppSource: Accelerate transformation via business applications

Kirsten Edmondson Wolfe, Microsoft

Jump-start your digital transformation. Whether you want to grow your business, improve employee productivity, optimize customer service, or innovate your products, you’ll find the right line-of-business SaaS app on AppSource that works with Microsoft products and technologies you already use.

Join this session to understand what’s new, what’s popular, and what’s next for AppSource and how to accelerate app selection via live trials and test drive demos.

  • Session Type:20-minute Theater
  • Session Code:THR1000
  • Level:Foundational (100)
  • Format:Subject Matter Expert Led Session
  • Product:AppSource
  • Job Focus:Business Application Developer, Business Analyst, First Line Workers, Line of Business Specialist, Business Manager / Director / Executive Management, IT Manager / Director / Executive Management, Business Process Owners, Consultant (Functional), Other
  • Product Category:Other
  • Session Tags:AppSource
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