Microsoft PowerApps: What’s new with Microsoft Power BI integration with PowerApps

Daniel Christian, Financial services

With the deep integration between PowerApps and Power BI you can now go above and beyond just viewing the data. This theater session demonstrates how live data can be entered in a Power BI report using a PowerApps visualization AND!! how the report automatically refreshes. Whether you are a Power BI or a Power Apps user you must attend this session to take your reports and apps to the next level!

  • Session Type:20-minute Theater
  • Session Code:THR2051
  • Level:Intermediate (200)
  • Format:Community Session
  • Product:Power BI, PowerApps
  • Job Focus:Business Analyst, Consultant (Functional), Data Scientist, Solution Implementer, System Administrator
  • Product Category:PowerApps, Microsoft Flow
  • Session Tags:Power BI, PowerApps
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