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Miguel Llopis

Principal Program Manager Lead Microsoft

I am the Program Manager Lead for Power Query, M and Dataflows.

BRK3003 - Microsoft Power BI: Connect and transform data from hundreds of data sources using Power Query

Business users spend a significant amount of their time working on data preparation before the data is ready to be used. Power Query and M are Microsoft’s data connectivity and data preparation technologies integrated across many different products (Excel, Microsoft Power BI, Common Data Service, Microsoft Flow, etc.). They provide a best-in-market experience for importing, reshaping, and combining data from a wide range of data sources, including File sources, Enterprise-grade sources such as SAP HANA/BW, Azure-based sources, and many others. In this session, learn everything you need to know to succeed at leveraging these capabilities and taking your data to the next level. See several demos of new capabilities coming to Power Query over the next few months.


BRK3051 - Microsoft Power BI: Democratizing self-service data prep with dataflows

Preparing and defining ETL for insights is a significant challenge for businesses today — ingestion, cleansing, transformation, and enrichment are labor-intensive and time-consuming tasks which require deep technical skills. Microsoft has recently introduced advanced data prep with dataflows for the Power Platform, a suite of self-service low-code/no-code features and capabilities for business analysts and citizen developers to easily process and unify their data and store it in Azure-based data-lake storage. With these new capabilities, Microsoft offers a solution for any business need — whether you want to prep your data with ease, using a familiar built-in Power Query experience, or leverage the full Azure stack for more advanced use-cases. Join this session to learn everything you need to know about dataflows and how to easily prep your data, leverage Microsoft’s standardized schema (CDM), improve time-to-value, eliminate data silos, and create one source of truth for your organizational insights.